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HYGHLYGHT design hub has provided a basket of various services to meet your needs. Below is some brief explanation about our design services, but to know detail with timing and fees please CLICK HERE.


This is a general term for a service to design for you everything that have the potential of mass production in industry. We have many different sub-services to do a single project. This feature enables you to get rid of some extra activity in a design project so you could save time and money.
Normally, we prefer to accept industrial design projects that we handle from A to Z, but in some special circumstances we may assist you in some part of the projects merely such as 3D modeling, Rendering, Prototyping and specialized consultant. You could review some brief explanation of these independent parts below:


In this service, we generate a virtual model of what you have designed as 2D sketch. This could be done in several class and standards from CAS modeling to A-class surfacing.


If you need to show your products with a photorealistic image, you could benefit from our knowledge of highlights, materials, color harmony, and form study.


For more real imagination of what has designed, mock up or prototypes are needed to make. This is an important phase of any industrial projects for reaching to better proportions and testing the products functions and assemblage, etc.


You may need general or specialized consultant about starting or doing an industrial design project, so our team is ready here to consult you in this sophisticated path, from creating a design brief to mold making and mass production.


It is not an exaggeration to say that the product development is the most energy-consuming phase of a product creation process. As a result, a specialized consultant is needed to make an idea producible.

HYGHLYGHT as your own design studio:

Having D&D (Design and Development) and R&D (Research and Development) departments in an organization entails a huge amount of budget. In addition, D&D department needs a special design management due to designers’ characteristics. As a result, we recommend you to outsource all the product design and development activities you have to a design studio that is experienced enough. For this, HYGHLYGHT design hub has special offers for you. To see it, please kindly take a look on our PRICE LIST.


Aside from our main projects that is done with well-known brands and big companies, we are responsible to offer our world-class design services to small thriving companies. HYGHLYGHT team encourages under-developed companies to take the risk of launching new products into the market. For this, we accept limited number of projects with considerable low payment after an evaluation of the company. To know how you could use this service please CONTACT US.