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How we work

Here are the steps we take to execute your projects:
1. Understanding Client Needs and Design Brief Creation:
We kickstart our process by delving deep into understanding our client’s vision and requirements. Through collaborative discussions and detailed analysis, we create a comprehensive design brief that serves as our roadmap for the project.
2. Research and Benchmarking:
Armed with the design brief, our team conducts thorough research and benchmarking exercises related to the project’s subject matter. This critical step ensures that our design solutions are not only innovative but also grounded in market trends and user preferences.
3. Ideation and Conceptualization:
With insights gathered from research, our designers embark on the ideation phase. Initial 2D sketches are crafted to bring conceptual ideas to life, allowing us to explore various design directions and possibilities.
4. 2D to 3D Transition:
Moving from sketches to tangible representations, our team utilizes cutting-edge technology to translate 2D concepts into detailed 3D models. These Computer-Aided Styling (CAS) models provide a holistic view of the product’s geometry and proportions, facilitating better visualization and understanding.
5. Rendering for Presentation:
To effectively communicate our design concepts to clients, we employ advanced rendering techniques to generate photorealistic images. These visuals serve as powerful tools during presentations, enabling clients to visualize the proposed solutions with clarity and precision.
6. Engineering Phase:
Once the initial concept receives approval, we seamlessly transition into the engineering phase. Here, our expert engineers take charge, focusing on detail design, feasibility studies, and technical analyses to ensure the quality and manufacturability of the final product.
7. R&D and Technical Analysis:
Our dedicated Research and Development (R&D) department adds technical intricacies to the CAS model, incorporating essential mechanisms and conducting rigorous technical analyses. This includes static analysis (stress and tension), impact analysis, drop tests, fatigue analysis, and injection molding parameters analysis, among others.
8. Mold Design and Manufacturing:
Upon finalizing the technical design, we collaborate with trusted mold makers to initiate mold design and manufacturing processes. Our involvement extends beyond technical design, as we oversee the entire mold-making process to ensure seamless execution and timely delivery of the manufactured product.
9. Continued Support and Consultation:
Our commitment to client satisfaction doesn’t end with product manufacturing. We provide ongoing support and consultation, ensuring that any post-production concerns or modifications are addressed promptly and efficiently.
By following this comprehensive design and engineering process, HYGHLYGHT design hub ensures the realization of innovative, high-quality products that exceed client expectations and leave a lasting impact on the market.