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How we work

In HYGHLYGHT design hub we accompany our clients from a rough imagination of what they want to the product mass production through an overarching design and engineering process. The design process is started from understanding the client’s needs by creating a design brief. Then, research and benchmarking will be done around the project subject to create a reliable document as design input. It assists the designer in ideation phase, where sketches are made to illustrate the initial 2D ideas. These sketches feed 3D modelers to make a feasible CAS model for better 3 dimensional understanding of the product geometry and proportions. Lastly, these CAD data is rendered to create photo realistic images for making a presentation to convey our ideas to the client.

After the initial concept is approved, engineering process is started. In this phase, we perform detail design, feasibility study and all technical analyses which is needed to guarantee the quality of the final product and efficiency of the manufacturing process. In R&D department, firstly, technical details are added to the CAS model and all the mechanisms required are designed. Then, technical analyses such as static analysis (stress and tension analysis), impact analysis and drop test, fatigue analysis and injection molding parameters analysis are performed to finalize each and every part for mold making. Finally, the final CAD data as well as their technical drawings are sent to mold maker to start mold design. Our responsibilities do not end after technical design, and our specialized consultant continues until the mold making process is ended and the client receives the real manufactured product.