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In our belief, industrial design is a mean to a happier and more efficient life style in 21st century.

Who We Are ?

HYGHLYGHT design hub is an industrial design studio that provides design services for a diverse range of industries. We are specialized in product design, stationery design, blow-molded package design and transport design. Innovation and creativity are outstanding features of HYGHLYGHT design hub that boosts the competitiveness of the product we design in the market.
Our design process always targets a mutual benefit for both user and manufacturer. On the one hand, we try to fulfill client’s demands including aesthetic and functional issues, outcomes of marketing research, and the last but not least the manufacturing process problems. On the other hand, user’s demands for a flawless and innovative product not only to use it effectively, but enjoy using it.
What makes our design service distinguishable from our competitors is our strict commitment to project deadlines and regular improvement we have in our design service which keeps design fees at the lowest possible while we keep the quality in a world-class level. In addition, collaboration with designers, engineers and managers with various experience levels made our design services diversified to match with all clients’ terms and conditions.
We are enthusiastically looking forward to hear from you to start an intimate friendship and collaborate together to make a lovelier and more prosperous future through design.


As a global design hub, providing industrial design services with world-class standards is our responsibility.


To handle over 50 projects per month in all 5 continents by focusing on Europe and Asia.


High-quality service, responsibility, punctuality and a real solution for your needs derives from our unique and super-creative ideas alongside with our vast engineering knowledge.

Our Features.

Here is what differentiates us from other international design studios


Outstanding style due to our design thinking, power of imagination, 3D modeling and rendering.


Feasible aesthetic and functional solutions for all our clients concerns.


A flexible and affordable price list due to our design service variety and business strategy.