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In our belief, industrial design is a mean to a happier and more efficient life style in 21st century.

Who We Are ?

HYGHLYGHT Design Hub is a global product design studio specializing in stationery design, located in the historical yet modern city of Istanbul, Türkiye. In our industrial design studio, designers and engineers collaborate to create unique products that have never been seen before. The innovation and creativity delivered through our organic design approach, minimal design, erotic design, ergonomic design, and colorful, playful design styles are outstanding features of our services, enhancing the competitiveness of your product in the market.
Our design process always aims for mutual benefit for both users and manufacturers. We strive to meet clients' demands, including aesthetic and functional factors, outcomes of marketing research, and manufacturing process considerations. Simultaneously, we prioritize users' desires for flawless and innovative products that are not only effective but enjoyable to use. What sets our design service apart from competitors is our strict adherence to project deadlines and continuous improvement in our services, which maintains design fees at a minimum while upholding world-class quality.


Our mission is to pioneer a novel design language thatharmonizes with natural organic forms and respects environmental sustainability.


We are dedicated to shaping a design ethos that not only embraces the beauty of natural organic styles but also contributes to a more sustainable and eco-conscious future.


At our studio, we're not just reimagining design; we're fostering a deeper connection between people and their environment. Through collaboration and innovation, we aim to create solutions that resonate with both the human spirit and the natural world.

Our Features.

Here is what differentiates us from other international design studios


Outstanding style due to our design thinking, power of imagination, 3D modeling and rendering.


Feasible aesthetic and functional solutions for all our clients concerns.


A flexible and affordable price list due to our design service variety and business strategy.