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There are always some things to ask, so raise your questions

Here we have responded to some frequently asked questions by our clients and followers. We are hopeful that most of your questions are answered, if not, please do not hesitate to send a message to us. You definitely receive a decent response as soon as possible.

Know us better

We are an industrial design studio, help you from ideation to mold manufacturing of your products. Here, where your dreams come true.

HYGHLYGHT design hub is an industrial design studio that provides design services for a diverse range of industries. We are specialized in product design, stationery design, blow-molded package design and transport design.

We design a wide range of products that you could review in PROJECTS, but it encompasses mostly from Home/ office/ workshop tabletop products, to stationery items, and blow-molded packages in particular lubricants and anti-freeze packages, and last but not least car body, ultralight airplane (ULA) canopy and drones.

To receive our latest catalogue, click here.

As an industrial design studio we do not engaged in architectural design, home/ office interior design, landscape design, fashion design and graphic design. Needs to mention that, we do graphic design that is related to the industrial product we design, but we do not perform a sole graphic design project.

What we do for you is an A-Z new product development process. To know this process in detail please kindly take a look on HOW WE WORK.

Definitely. The engineering phase is one of the competitive strengths of HYGHLYGHT design hub. By this incredible skill, our innovative and sophisticated ideas could be produced with easiest and most affordable manufacturing process.

How many Ideas do you generate for each project?

We generate at least 3 distinguishable ideas for each project.

If you want more or less we could negotiate.

How much modifications you accept?

No limitation.

Your chosen Idea will be modified until you are fully satisfied.

How much do you charge for your design service?

Our service fees are really competitive due to our special human resource management and business strategy.

Regarding the design service you required, our service fees are varied. So, to receive our latest price list click here.

How could I be sure about your idea feasibility?

Only a seasoned industrial designer knows the efficient design method to create a feasible product.

It is of paramount importance to know that the feasibility study of a product starts from ideation phase. In fact, the designer must consider technical issues from the first sketches if they do not want to encounter major problems in product development. This is what happens in HYGHLYGHT design hub, and the proof is the existing products in the market we have designed and developed.

How can I protect my intellectual property?

After we finalized your product, and before you start mold making, it is recommended to register your product.

It is done in any associated organizations that engage in intellectual property to protect you from any violation regarding copyright.

Are registered designs made public?

We commit to keep your design confidential for 3 years.

Since new product development in a company takes long to be done, we bare the commitment to keep your design confidential for 3 years, unless your product launches into the market in shorter time.

Do you accept internship in industrial design?


If you like to cooperate with us in our amazing global projects please send your CV and portfolio to manager [at] hyghlyght [dot] com or leave a message in WORK WITH US.

Do you need more support ?

Important note

We are super-flexible in negotiation and like to extend our relationship with industrial activists and businessmen/women, so you are so welcome to share your requests and concerns about your new product development. Hereby we would like to ensure you that we could make a friendly and fruitful professional relationship, so we are looking forward to hear from you.