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Product Design

Product Design

Product Design Home introduction For designing a complex product there must be close cooperation between sketcher and modeler. There are always some vague regions in the sketch that should be…

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Bionic Drone

Bionic Drone Home introduction A lot of factors should be compiled to create an industrial artwork. Pure geometry and surfaces, material, texture, color, light, and last but not least texts.…

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Demeter Anti-stretch Gel Packaging Design

Demeter Anti-stretch Gel Packaging Design Home introduction Through research, it is found that one of the physical and mental issues that pregnant women struggle with in the last months of…

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Watercolor Set

Watercolor Set Home introduction What we need today in the market is extraordinary design of regular objects. This way we could stand out of the other competitors and increase the…

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Portable Electronic Device

Portable Electronic Device Home introduction Small portable gadgets could shape the future of banking systems. These kinds of products provide security and safety for financial transactions.In this tough environment, designing…

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Diamond Style

Diamond Style Home introduction Yes! These diamond surfaces can really scratch the heart of the audience! Be serious about your packaging design, it must impact on the end-user and shows…

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Bionic Package Design

Bionic Package Design Home introduction Lubricant packages are produced with blow molding technic. The precision of this technic is fairly low and users can clearly see the scratches of the…

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Retractable Gel Pen

Retractable Gel Pen Home introduction Clip is truly known as the most important part of a pen, but from the sight of a viewer. Users always have the nozzle in…

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Gouache Bottle

Gouache Bottle Home introduction Considerable area of a small container is occupied by its cap, so a uniquely designed cap could have a great influence on the final appearance of…

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Push-button Sharpener Design

Push-button Sharpener Design Home introduction This is a concept design for a press function sharpener. The protruded lines on the outer surface are inspired by the lines in boat design.…

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