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Watercolor Set

Watercolor Set Home introduction What we need today in the market is extraordinary design of regular objects. This way we could stand out of the other competitors and increase the…

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Retractable Gel Pen

Retractable Gel Pen Home introduction Clip is truly known as the most important part of a pen, but from the sight of a viewer. Users always have the nozzle in…

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Gouache Bottle

Gouache Bottle Home introduction Considerable area of a small container is occupied by its cap, so a uniquely designed cap could have a great influence on the final appearance of…

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Push-button Sharpener Design

Push-button Sharpener Design Home introduction This is a concept design for a press function sharpener. The protruded lines on the outer surface are inspired by the lines in boat design.…

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Minimal Highlighter Design

Minimal Highlighter Design Home introduction There could be a narrow border between conceptual design and practical design for mass production. This is a highlighter that is inspired by a lady’s…

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Cherry-love Marker

Cherry-love Marker Home introduction The reputation of Monami in production of various high-quality marker is global. I believe they needed to put more innovation in their design as they have…

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Flamingo Sharpener

Flamingo Sharpener Home introduction Sometimes you need to design a product that is used by a wide range of users who are 8 to 14 years old. A fairly different…

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Ergonomic Eraser

Ergonomic Eraser Home introduction A drop of eraser into the fascinating world of stationery design. Next Projects Anti-Bacterial Eraser  

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Anti-Bacterial Eraser

Anti-Bacterial Eraser

Anti-Bacterial Eraser Home introduction This is an anti-bacterial eraser and a symbol of love to all health warriors around the world who have been fighting against Coronavirus. Hope we all…

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Inexpensive and Ubiquitous

Inexpensive and Ubiquitous Home introduction Panter EP-series is designed to cover a very wide range of target group from teenagers to adults. Thanks to their high-performance, good design and competitive…

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