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Inexpensive and Ubiquitous

Inexpensive and Ubiquitous Home introduction Panter EP-series is designed to cover a very wide range of target group from teenagers to adults. Thanks to their high-performance, good design and competitive…

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Faber-castell-luxurious-stationery products

Economic But Luxurious

Economic but Luxurious Home introduction Faber-castell name is always sticked to super high quality products, specially from the perspective of artists. But the truth is this brand has got a…

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Form Language Commitment

Form Language Commitment Home introduction Lexus rollerball pen is inspired by form language of Lexus automotive brand. A combination of luxurious materials and sharp broken edges to reveal a graceful…

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Retractable Pen for Youngsters

Retractable Pen for Youngsters Home introduction Considering the age of target group for a product is an indispensable factor in industrial design. The sense of youthfulness, sharpness, energy and etc,…

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Drops of Ink

Drops of Ink Home introduction Drop rollerball pen is designed for Crend, a newborn Japanese stationery brand. One of the iconic ideas of this pen is its ink gauge inspired…

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Vibrant Colors

Vibrant Colors Home introduction This project is done for product development. 3D modeling and rendering is performed for evaluation of color harmony in each pen and 14 color scheme is…

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Feasible and Distinctive

Feasible and Distinctive Home introduction Talking differently and having unique features in today’s products could be a key to successfulness of a brand. This is possible when you ask a…

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Bionic Retractable Pen

Bionic Retractable Pen Home introduction STABILO is well-known for having bionic design style in many of its products. This is a proposal for this great german stationery brand for EASYball…

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Resemblance to Its Identity

Resemblance to its Identity Home introduction Faber-castell mechanical pencil concept design. Alongside with respecting to the brand identity to keep the product recognizable as a member of Faber-castell family, some…

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Source of Inspiration

Source of Inspiration Home introduction There are many elements in the nature to get inspiration. As an industrial designer, having a sharp mind to receive nature whispers and using them…

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